Robert A. Kamarowski
I have been taking pictures for most of my life, starting when I was a boy with a kodak brownie. I graduated to a 35mm SLR after the service. I took pictures on vacation, at sporting events,   pictures of nature, buildings and people on the street... whatever caught my eye. About 1998 I   purchased an inexpensive medium format twin-lens-reflex (tlr) camera. The larger negatives     made the prints seem much more vibrant, much more '3-d' to my eye. In 2000 I purchased a   4x5 large format camera, and things have never been the same. I enjoy the ritual of setting   up the tripod and camera, selecting the correct lens and taking hand-held meter readings of   the scene before me. The slower, more contemplative nature of large format forced me to     consider each picture in depth. I made some prints. A local gallery agreed to show my work.   I hope the viewer isn't concerned with how the image is captured or how the image is printed.   Because ultimately, it's all about the image itself. I hope you enjoy my work... and i invite         your comments.                                                                                                                            Bob K.